How To Sign Up


Get application at PSFA149.

Contact us re: GROUPS from other institutions!


7 prisons and 1 private rehab center. (See list.



3 semester units of upper-division college credit awarded by fully-accredited Adams State University.

To transfer credit from ASU to SDSU or your college/university:

  • Official ASU transcript must be mailed by ASU to SDSU/your college. At SDSU, credit may be applied to:
    • CJ practicum requirement (like internship) OR 
    • general CJ elective requirements, toward SDSU criminal justice degree. 
  • To get a copy of your ASU transcript, go to
  • Click on "Adams State" and complete the application, including payment.
  • Request that your transcript be sent to SDSU at address below (or to your institution): 
   Office of Advising & Evaluations
    Transcript-Processing Unit
    San Diego State University
    5500 Campanile Dr.
    San Diego, CA  92182-7455 (last four digits of zip code are critical!)
  • SDSU's Office of Advising & Evaluations will apply ASU's CRJ479 credit to your SDSU transcript.


Travel 1300 miles with 24 students via brand new deluxe motor coach. DVD/stereo/PA system, air-conditioned, reclining seats, restroom, refreshments.



Quality Suites and Hyatt House facilities (each room has 3 beds; triple occupancy).

Program includes full complimentary breakfast Tue-Fri; lunch on M & Th; dinner on Tue & Th.



Trips depart Mon. 5:20am from Gateway Center (on Campanile) at SDSU. Return Fri. approx. 9pm. 

Flexibility about preferred dates increases your chance of getting onto a trip.

All participants must attend a Wed. meeting @ 5:30 - 8 AM, approx. 5 weeks before trip. 

See Calendar for meeting dates. Details will be sent via email to applicants 1-2 weeks before meeting.


Applicants are prioritized by date of deposit & gender (for room assignment purposes).

You must be at least 18 (21 is preferred), with valid driver's license* or passport;

NO felony or DUI arrests; NO current probation; NO outstanding warrants or charges.

[*You may NOT go if your license is suspended or revoked at time of trip.]


$1150 fee covers tuition, transportation, room, snacks, breakfasts, some lunches/dinners. 

$600 Deposit is due with application; $550 Balance is due at pre-trip meeting.

Payments must be made by cashier’s check, money order, credit card, or paypal to JustUs Educational Partners

NO personal checks. 

Participants are advised to secure their own health and/or private insurance for emergencies.

Payments are non-refundable; once your payment is made, I must assume that seat is "gone." 

    *assuming applicant meets requirements.


Submit application/agreement form, with deposit, to Julie @PSFA101. 

Contact Dr. Sutton via email: with questions.

Deposits CANNOT be accepted after the pre-trip meeting approx. 5 wks before each trip.

No changes to enrollment roster are allowed by prisons after the trip roster is submitted to CDCR.