Dr. L. Paul Sutton, Ph. D. (criminal justice)
Program in Criminal Justice, PSFA149
School of Public Affairs, San Diego State University
San Diego, CA  92182-4505 (email is best)

• Creator & Director: California PrisonTour Director
• Coordinator: 
SUMIT prison project
       Statewide University Multi-disciplinary Internship Training
• film producer, author, educator, innovator, reform advocate

Dr. L. Paul Sutton has taken nearly 3,000 students through more than 100 separate, weeklong PrisonTour excursions since 1983, involving more than half of California's 33 prisons. In total, the PrisonTours have covered nearly 150,000 miles. Students have met with dozens of wardens, scores of inmates, and hundreds of correctional staff over the years and talked about prison, prison life & "prison politics," as well as the challenges of working behind the walls.

Sutton's work in and around the world of prison has given rise to two front-page feature stories in The San Diego Union; innumerable media references and interviews in places are far flung as People Magazine and ABC's Good Morning America; multiple ongoing projects inside prisons; three feature documentaries, including Prison Through Tomorrow's Eyes, the story of one group of students' weeklong PrisonTour experience; a documentary about San Quentin muralist and now-famous artist Alfredo Santos; and has very recently become the basis for significant research and prison volunteer work inside the walls (i.e., the S.U.M.I.T. project) in which Sutton and dozens of San Diego State University students work with staff and inmates at correctional facilities in southern California. The most recent of these projects has given rise to the documentary, Straight from the Pen, about a creative writing class on a maximum security yard and the companion volume of inmate-written essays, Straight from the Pen: Writing Wrongs
Sutton has also garnered five Emmys and dozens of film festival awards for his first two documentaries, Doing Time and Doing Time: Ten Years Later, shot at the ill-fated New Mexico State Penitentiary--the 1980 scene of the bloodiest prison riot in American history. They remain classics in the realm of prison documentaries.

He also publishes, consults, and speaks broadly about issues in crime, corrections, and criminal justice.