The California PrisonTour        
  •  33 years of trips, 
  •  22 prisons included 
  •  113 weeklong tours 
  •  covering more than 150,000 miles 
  •  included nearly 3,000 students  

  the educational adventure of a lifetime!  
 more than 30 years in the making! 

• acclaimed worldwide by teachers, professionals, and students! •
• a magnificent example of real-world "experiential" education! •
• an uncensored and unforgettable look at life behind bars •
• walk the yards, cellblocks, and mainline with thousands of inmates •
• handle inmate weapons, "kites," drugs, contraband, even hit-lists •
• see the ever-shrinking education, vocational, & rehab. programs available to inmates •
• hear intimate stories by experts with decades on the inside •
• talk face-to-face with inmates their lives & crime •

Scenes from PrisonTour!

CJR479 (CR/NC): 3 units of upper-div. college credit thru an accredited 4-year university
Course can be used to meet SDSU's "practicum/internship" requirement OR as CJ elective
Units transferrable to SDSU transcript as long as all of the following conditions are met: 
    1. at least 30 of your total course units must be completed at SDSU
    2. at least 1/2 of your major units must be 
completed at SDSU
    3. you do not exceed the maximum number of allowable transfer units set by SDSU

see "Enrollment/Administration" link at left
#114  Mar  spring brk  May  not full 
 #115  May after finals  August or later  not full 

IMPORTANT: On your agreement form, you must RANK your trip preferences.
There is NO guarantee that you will get your first choice, due to logistical issues and fact that all trips may not fill. 
Hence, you may be assigned to any trip you rank with any number. 
If you absolutely CANNOT go on a particular trip, you should "rank" it with an "X," and you will not be assigned to that trip. 
But be aware an "X" may result in your not being assigned to any trip at all--if you have X'd the only I can get you on.
If I cannot get you on a trip you ranked with a number, your payment(s) are refundable. (See agreement for other conditions.)             

  TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT:  complete agreement form and make deposit. 
Submit signed agreement (from door @PSFA149) to Julie @PSFA 101.
 2.      Pay $600 deposit. Your priority is based on time you make deposit.
Give certified check/money order (payable to JustUs Educational Partners) to Julie @ PSFA101; OR
  (b) Pay with  credit card or paypal  (at left) when agreement is submitted.  
 3.  Attend mandatory meeting at 5:30 - 8:00am five weeks before trip (notified by email)
 4.        Pay $550 balance.
    (a) Bring certified check/money order (payable to JustUs Educational Partners) to meeting in 3, above; OR 
  (b) Pay with  credit card or paypal  (at left) BEFORE meeting in 3.
 Go to "view cart," check out, and complete payment by  credit card or paypal 

LIMITED SEATS  (24 students/trip)
applications on door at PSFA149
Questions? See PrisonTour links at left. 
Then, Contact: Dr. Paul Sutton   

trailer: Prison Through Tomorrow's Eyes

The California PrisonTour was created in 1983 
by CJ professor & Emmy-winning filmmaker Dr. L. Paul Sutton,
who has personally escorted 113 weeklong excursions through prison.
See a trailer & review of Sutton's award-winning PrisonTour documentary

and other award-winning movies at "MOVIES" link, left,
where they are available for purchase at educational discounts.

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John Oliver satirizes American Prisons