Scenes from PrisonTour!

  The PrisonTour is on hiatus after:  

 33 years 
 22 prisons 
 113 weeklong tours 
 over 2,500 students  

     Thank You ALL!     

  -- educational adventure of a lifetime -- 
    like no other in the world!    
   30 years in the making!    

Acclaimed worldwide by teachers, professionals, and students!
A magnificent example of real-world education!

• an uncensored and unforgettable look at life behind bars •
• walk the yards, cellblocks, and mainline with thousands of inmates •
• handle inmate weapons, "kites," drugs, contraband, even hit-lists •
• see the ever-shrinking education, vocational, & rehab. programs •
• share intimate stories by experts with decades on the inside •
• talk face-to-face with inmates about their lives & crimes •

The California PrisonTour was created in 1983 
by CJ professor & Emmy-winning filmmaker Dr. L. Paul Sutton 
See a trailer and review of Sutton's award-winning documentary about the PrisonTour
See trailers of Sutton's other award-winning prison documentaries at "MOVIES" link at left.
All will be available soon for purchase at (subsidiary of Amazon)

The movies, prison projects, and publications noted here are funded largely 
by private contributions to and by the JustUs Educational Partnership. 

PrisonTour/Class calendar

                               NO Prisontours scheduled                        


 trip #110
 Mar. 30 - Apr. 3
 spring break max 24FULL
 trip #111  May 18 - 22  after finals  max 24 FULL
 trip #112 June 1- 5 after finals max 24FULL

TO SIGN UP, you must:
  • S
    lide $600 deposit & signed agreement under door @ PSFA149.
  • Attend mandatory meeting 5 weeks before trip. announced via email
  • $550 balance is due at meeting 5 weeks before each trip.
  • Payment covers tuition, transportation, room, many meals, materials.

trailer: Prison Through Tomorrow's Eyes


 3 units to meet SDSU "practicum/internship" requirement OR as CJ elective

Class is CJR479 (CR/NC) by a fully accredited 4-year university
  To transfer earned credits to SDSU: see "Enrollment/Administration" link (left)
  * for SDSU students:
    1. at least 30 of your total units completed; AND
    2. at least 1/2 of your major units 
must be completed at SDSU.

LIMTED SEATING (24 students/trip) 
applications on door at PSFA149
Questions? Contact: Dr. Paul Sutton   

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