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Floor Sander & Edge Sander

Floor & Edger 1 day £50 - Book now

Floor & Edger 2 days £70 - Book now

Floor & Edger Wkend £70 - Book now

Floor & Edger Week £120 - Book now

The Floor Sander and Edging Sander are hired as a package and the prices shown are for both machines.

We also provide a set-up and demonstration which is included in the price of your hire.

Sanding sheets and discs are on a sale or return basis.

Floor Sander Width 13" - Weight 42kg

Edge Sander Width 11" - Weight 17kg

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£2.00 each

£2.00 each

Sanding sheets and discs are supplied in a selection of different grades you then return what you don't use and we then charge you for what you have used at a price of £2.00 each per sheet or disc.

Note: We will supply you with 18 sheets for the floor sander and 10 discs for the edge sander of various grits, if you require different quantities just let us know when booking under the additional questions section.

Sanding grits available 40 - 80 - 120