~Will people be forced into getting vaccinated?


he whole vaccination thing is a bit frightening, not so much because vaccinations may be "tainted" with things which can potentially cause more bad than good in some individuals, but because our government(s) are seemingly trying to bring about a "sea-change" regarding individual health choices. 

It is likely we will soon see "mandatory vaccination legislation" come from our lawmakers, since they are being heavily pressured (and lobbied) to "do something" about what has somehow become a national concern about who is out there spreading things like measles...and connecting that to those who have chosen to avoid vaccinations. 

We will soon be forced into some of these things...I think we all know that already. The corporations and 'politically correct agenda' folks will not rest until they have it their way, just as we've seen so many times before. Things do not have to be based on "greater good for all" any more...just on how much money can be gleaned, it seems.

Whether or not vaccinations are part of the problem of Autism (etc.) is difficult to determine, especially with the amount of information attached to both sides of the argument. Plenty of so-called 'reliable sources' are coming out with some pretty convincing data about vaccinations being harmful, but there are also plenty of 'reliable sources' coming out with opposing data. So, who do we believe?

If/when our government "dictates" something such as vaccinations, I believe it will represent a turning point in how people live. We will be told pretty much everything, and if we resist, there will likely be severe enough penalties to discourage very much of that. It is not a pretty thought, but I think we're certainly on the road to uber-control measures that would likely cause all the soldiers and others who gave their lives to protect individual freedoms to "roll over in their graves", y'know?

I'm just sayin'...

Contact your (US) government representatives and tell them WE ARE INDIVIDUALS, AND WE HAVE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS TO CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES!

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