~Why is MONEY many people's biggest stress?

New Hope Arises

recent news article (https://www.yahoo.com/health/the-one-thing-most-of-us-are-stressed-about-110081709832.html) discusses how much money plays a role in people's stress levels. While this is perhaps not really "news" in itself, it seems to serve at least as a reinforcement that money certainly can influence people in many negative ways, especially if there is simply not enough of it to live the lifestyle one might wish to live.  

It comes as little surprise that money (or lack of it?) is the number one stress factor for so many people. After all, it's money that keeps folks 'above or below the water line'.  People need money to survive in today's world...it's that simple.  

Unfortunately, there's often difficulty determining exactly how we should spend what money we have available. Although there are surely some things we all need, there are also some things we might think we need, when we truly do not...if we're willing to accept 'being without'.      

-Do we NEED  a smartphone, with the costly data/talk/text plans?
-Do we NEED the latest SUV(s) in the driveway?
-Do we NEED a super-sized house in the suburbs?
-Do we NEED the latest fashion baubles and bangles?
-Do we NEED many other things we seem to be 'seduced' into through media-hype and clever advertising?

I think the answers to these (and similar) questions is a resounding "NO!", but most of us are probably not ready to let go of some things.  But, why should anyone have to 'do without' in a reasonably stable economy?  We saw how truly fragile things can be in the 2008 economic events.  We also saw how potentially corrupt it can be when big businesses scramble to climb out of their self-inflicted quagmire of the times.  And, of course, there's the stories about the number of billionaires doubling since the 2008 economic debacle...which doesn't set well with all the folks who lost much of their 'financial security' and their homes, when the real-estate 'bubble' burst wide open.

It all takes money, and when money is lacking, someone has to make choices about what is really a NEED and what is simply a WANT...at least MOST of us have to make those kinds of choices.

I'm just sayin'...