~Why can't we all get along?

April 24, 2013

New Hope Arises

s science delves deeper and deeper into humanity’s roots and origins; migrations and paths; cross-breedings and hybridizations…we are slowly, but surely learning that humanity is really all pretty-much the same, with regard to our DNA and other identifiers that separate us from the next level down on the evolutionary totem pole.

Actually, this should not come as any great surprise (IMhO), because if we are going to embrace the theory of evolution (I like to say…"of course I believe in evolution…after all, God designed things that way, right?"), then we must necessarily believe that whatever forces are actually driving evolution to work as it does must also be well aware that humanity, itself, is fully responsible for how far apart many humans have ‘drifted’ because of skin color or other visible/knowable differences…in spite of learning and knowing (as we are today) that all humanity is almost identical in nearly every other aspect of existence.

The forces at work driving humanity’s evolution to “new and improved levels” have proven throughout history to be extremely successful at raising ALL life forms to their greatest potential levels in a given geologic era through adaptations to myriad influences applied by myriad forces, including time and chance and life itself.  

When we stop and think about what it means to know that all of humanity is actually the same in almost every aspect of existence, it can be humbling to think that we have, throughout history, allowed ourselves to become so distantly separated by only a few small differences that only make us “appear different” from one another.  We have fought numerous battles and wars, political and religious and cultural and social…because we thought “the others” were so different than ourselves that they posed undeniable and unsavory threats to our welfare…thus, we had to annihilate them or suffer dire consequences. 

Unfortunately, that last statement was all too true in times past, when communications between different tribes or clans, races or creeds, cultures or social groups, was much more limited and even restricted in some cases.  Certain religious groups also ‘banned’ interactions with other religious groups for differences in beliefs or non-beliefs in God(s) or other spiritual or supernatural concepts.  In humanity’s early days, they did not know better…today we SHOULD know better, because we CAN communicate with anyone we choose to communicate with, if we are willing to reach across some of the barriers that some of our ancestors had in place.  We CAN learn how to embrace each other if we can look beyond the visible/knowable differences and into the depths of what makes us alike.

Do we want to go forward into more separation, or would we rather learn how to become closer?  I believe it is really that simple a question that we need to ask ourselves, then try to answer it as honestly as we can, then act accordingly.  Today we have opportunity to choose a direction for the future of humanity; we know we are all the same except for a few small adaptations made along the way to where we all are now…so, which direction will we choose going forward, I wonder?  

I’m just sayin’…  

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