~Who Gets To Define "Freedom"?

It is sad that "freedoms" are being defined by some in power who don't seem to even understand the meaning of the word (IMhO). The health care system in America has seen so much waste, fraud, even corruption.

And, since we know the whole system is pretty well designed to always provide positive investor relationships, it is not difficult to begin to understand what's really behind the whole thing.

"Profits before people"...it's not just an empty commentary catch-phrase; it's the modern day mantra for so many of our most trusted, most respected, and most necessary institutions and programs in our culture today. Many decisions are based solely on financial or similar parameters, with little regard for "greater good" or "doing the right things" or "helping others" philosophies.

Even some of the health care practices are suspect, especially when costly and potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals are promoted to an unsuspecting (ignorant?) public, often citing questionable 'syndromes' or 'disorders' that might not even be truly "medical conditions", or maybe they're things that could easily be handled (and safer) through more natural methods.

Dunno...but it's getting tiring to see continued disregard for the welfare of the people in America, and I think it's time we let our leaders know we're done letting the corporations have it their way, because their way clearly is not in OUR best interest, y'know?
I'm just sayin'...

ere's a link:

Also: http://health-care-funding.blogspot.com/

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