~What should we learn from recent news reporter scandals?

New Hope Arises

ith the recent publicity and scandals of some notable news reporters getting caught in lies, as well as at least one other public figure apologizing for lying about his military service, it is clear that we are likely just scratching the surface of something which is much larger than just a few individuals...in my (humble) opinion.

I wish not to name names, mostly because I don't think there's any need for that.  Most of us already know about those who have been 'exposed', and most of us already know 'there's more where that comes from', I think. Most of us already know that lying is rampant in just about every venue and aspect of our lives, be it politics, government, business, general communications, marketing, advertising, medicines, environment, economics, world issues, wars, reasons for wars, even systems of justice...and the list could go on, right? We are literally being lied to every day in various ways...and we all pretty much already know that, don't we?

I cannot understand how the recent reporter (etc.) scandals have become as "impactful" as they seem to be, but I can understand how we can possibly learn some great lessons from it.  I believe we can collectively draw a line in the sand, and begin demanding "nothing but the Truth" (with a capital "T"). In everything. In all the things we are now being lied to about every day. Why should we not deserve that? 

I'm including a link for U.S. Government contacts; let your representatives know we need them to set examples and work on ways to reign in some of the rampant lying the public has been forced to swallow for so long.  We are not stupid, we are not 'lemmings', we do deserve the Truth (with a capital "T")!
I'm just sayin'...

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