~What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Finding Peace Within

Christmas is the time of year that "Christians" celebrate the birth of Jesus, who they believe to be the Son of God and the Savior of humanity.  So, what is it that Jesus saves people from?  From our Creator's (God's) displeasure, disappointment and wrath toward humanity's inability to see and do things the way He (God) would like them to see and do things.  

That's what the Holy Bible tells us, anyway...and the story is a beautiful portrayal of God's everlasting mercy and forgiveness...rolled up in one man, the man Jesus.

Jesus only walked on the earth for a little over 33 years, but in that short time, He managed to become the most influential human being ever to have lived, and His teachings are as powerful and as "True" (with a capital "T") now as they were when He was here (IMhO, that is).

Today, many people seem to have forgotten or have never understood the real meaning of Christmas.  Most of us become over-stressed and under-appreciative of the real meaning, I think.  We go about doing our "Christmas shopping" in the overcrowded stores that often "make us crazy".  We rant and rave when traffic is heavy during the Holidays, and often lose our tempers when things are not going as we'd like them to be going, because we're overly stressed out.  All too often, our shopping becomes a "chore", and, as such, can negatively impact the sense of benevolence of giving.  

The REAL meaning of Christmas, in my (humble) opinion, is to try to remember who and what Jesus (Christ) represents, and understand more of what He taught, and try to practice those things even if only a LITTLE more than we would at other times. And, it is also about how we might learn to spread that to others through our kindness and thoughtfulness...not only at Christmas time, but at other times, too.  

I'm just sayin'...

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