~What is consciousness?


Consciousness is one of those very tricky subjects that eludes most of us when it comes to trying to describe exactly what it means.  Even Wikipedia™ says so, like this: "As Max Velmans and Susan Schneider wrote in The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness: "Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives." [Consciousness].

Many of us think 'consciousness' only applies to humans and a few other 'higher level' species...but if we think of consciousness as being another 'spectrum' in Nature, we can conceive of levels of consciousness which range from the tiniest organisms and even certain 'processes' we'd consider lifeless or otherwise UNconscious to anything and everything, up to and including the entire Universe.  

Many past and present spiritual leaders frequently share their own personal journeys and experiences toward understanding consciousness.  Throughout history, powerful influences on society and the world at large were borne of some people who seemed to be more fully 'connected' with the mysterious netherworld realms which probably best define what consciousness actually is.  And they share common understandings and teachings toward Divine Love as being the "end-all" of everything. Divine Love, then, would be the highest level of consciousness that exists on the 'consciousness spectrum', where everything comes together in Perfection and Harmony and Beauty and Peace and Bliss and all the other indescribably fantastic descriptors we can think of, y'know?

So...we now perceive of the spectrum from what we believe to be the 'lowest consciousness' (i.e., even down to perhaps the sub-atomic particle level? - after all, when particles go through their "natural" phase or energy shifts, can that be stretched to be considered part of an overall consciousness? - does consciousness include the Natural Laws which govern how things work?).
and all the way up to the highest possible level of consciousness...where there is only unimaginable Purity.  

Here's my attempt to present this 'spectrum' in a simple graphic (click to view in separate window)...  
I believe we all have within us the capability for accessing and expanding our "greater consciousness", through some pretty basic and simple methods. Our "innermost self" (or the 'soul', or 'spirit', or 'life-force', etc.) is said to "reside" (if that word applies) within the pineal gland region of our brains.  It is known that most of us probably have a calcified pineal gland, from certain components in our diet and environment; and even our drinking water and other "exposures" of everyday life today. 
Have a look at EWG.org's information regarding the pineal gland and Fluoride; click HERE.

Reducing negative impacts to our pineal gland could conceivably "open new horizons" for humanity if people were more able to "go within" to that place where they can commune with their very souls more easily and more readily than they can when their pineal gland is calcified (and essentially 'ill-or-non-functioning'), I believe our world could see a blossoming of human thinking with deeper respect and appreciation toward all our brothers and sisters in the human race, and toward God, or Creator, or any other name we might use to describe the ultimate "force(s)" behind how all things came to be in existence and how all things continue to work in perfect harmony and balance on every level and every scale.
I'm just sayin'... 


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