~What changes will happen in the world in the next 1000 years?

October 20, 2012


Projecting into the future 1000 years is rather difficult, because progress and advancement can be affected by so many unknowns. We cannot yet know what natural cycles and events will take place (earthquakes, volcanoes, wild weather, disease, famines, wars, atrocities, global warming, global freezing, asteroids, solar-flares, sunspots, other space activities, and other 'to be determined').

But, we might be able to do some "creative speculating" on the subject by looking first into the LAST 1000 years...then, we might be able to put together a somewhat reasonably approximated scenario for what MIGHT happen...and I believe that is all we can try to do. Note how I used a lot of 'double-speak' there? "Somewhat reasonably approximated scenario for what MIGHT happen"? That's because I truly don't know how to answer this with any real sense of assurance of accuracy, y'know? Sorry, but I'll give it a go anyway.

After doing some quick research into the past (year 1012 and surrounding times), it is easy to see that, if the next 1000 years (up to 3012) progresses at a faster rate than the past 1000 years, many, many advancements will be made in all aspects of life on planet Earth, including perhaps some of the following conceptions.

"Our time" might look quite 'simple' to inhabitants of Earth in 3012. In 1000 years, our world might be like a "fantasy world", with cultures and societies living in harmony with each other, and with the environment and Nature; utilizing safe, efficient, renewable and sustainable energy resources; and providing safe food products, and clean water, air, and soil.

And, more importantly, where the lessons and learning from the past, including those from "our time", have long been worked into humanity's core, perhaps even to the point where wars, hatred, discrimination, greed, deception, corruption, exploitation, bullying, and all the other current and past woes and 'evils' of humanity have been long-forgotten; having finally faded into the distant past of previous milennia; perhaps in much the same way "our time" has 'progressed' way past the truly barbaric practices carried out in OUR past 1000 years,..for example, we probably would never dream of "hand-to-hand-combat" with the weapons used 1000 years ago (though we practice similar behavior, but we do it from greater and greater distances). Thus, a positive future can be imagined...if humanity really does put lessons-learned to appropriate practice in everyday existence (hmmm...so what are we waiting for?).

In the world of 3012, perhaps peace will simply be "understood" between all of humankind, because the idea of humans fighting other humans in wars and riots and other hate-related activities...the brutal, inhumane, even "barbaric" practices of committing violent and deadly acts upon other human beings to gain wealth, power, control, or other forms of selfish fulfillment...this ugliness just does not enter the minds of a future peace-loving, peace-seeking, peace-making, peace-living, unselfish humanity. And, perhaps...just perhaps, humanity will have long come to terms with Religion, Spirituality, and all things relating to understanding our ultimate purpose for being here, and our ultimate purpose while we ARE here.
What a wonderful world it could be!

Or...I suppose the year 3012 could also look like HELL, where the wars, hatred, discrimination, greed, corruption, bullying...(et al.) have spiraled completely out of control, to the point where everyone is isolated in their own "home-prisons", where they fear to move about because of the rampant violence and other dangers lurking everywhere. A world that has long forgotten humanity's progress regarding appropriate and compassionate behavior and interactions among cultures, societies, and individuals...to the point where it truly is a "dog-eat-dog" world of lost morality, abandoned integrity, discarded ethics, and similarly frightening and outright ugly attributes of a world gone very sour indeed.

What ARE we waiting for, anyway?

I'm just sayin'... 

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