~Should violence, greed, hatred, be allowed in social networking?

September 30, 2011


n my (humble) opinion, promoting things that are in direct opposition to what society holds out as being goodness, righteousness, honor, honesty,  integrity, truthfulness, and similar behaviors and character traits (all of which need succinct definition of course) should be banned through tough legislation...unless our society intends to ultimately choose a path of perpetual unrest, hatred, discrimination, violence, greed, wars, and all those things that are NOT reflective of goodness, right, honor and truth.  

 Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but give me more about peace, love, kindness, forgiveness, harmony, and all those things that ARE reflective of goodness, right, honor and truth...any day.  I believe we ultimately become whatever we "feed" on...so, if we feed on lots of violence, it seems clear to me that we will eventually become more violent, and so on.

We legislate things like exposing young children to some of the "social
taboos" before we believe it to be "healthy" for them...and anyone who does
so is usually charged with "impairing the morals of minors".  Why is it we don't use the same logic and thinking for things like violence, greed, bullying, hatred, et al.?  Or, aren't those things part of the general topic of "morality"? 

In another example, some of the Armed Forces recruiting tactics often target young children, and include glorification of some of the violent and ugly (but deemed "acceptable" because it's patriotic) scenarios germane to all wars...men and women engaged in hateful and bloody battles around the world for reasons most of them could never understand.

In my (humble) opinion, these things ought to be controlled at least as much as some of the things already being "controlled".
I'm just sayin'...!

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