~Should Hollywood be making films about assassinations of World Leaders?

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Well, this is a very touchy topic, because there is a lot of public sentiment brewing that is rallying behind our right to live our lives the way we wish to live, as "free Americans", including exercising our "Freedom of Expression" in creating films like "The Interview"™.  The public sentiment seems to favor standing our ground and many say that Sony™ should not have pulled the movie, including President Obama, apparently.  I didn't hear him say exactly that, though I did hear him say something about his wishing Sony had contacted him before they made their decisions to pull the film.  

In any event, Americans...seemingly, the majority (or maybe it's just the "more-vocal-majority"?)...might want the film to be released, but my personal (humble) opinion on the matter leans in another direction, quite honestly.  I think our approach to "global sensitivities", which, in essence, can and does affect our global relations, could be somewhat less arrogant and 'in-your-face', if you know what I mean.  

Should a truly peace-seeking society engage in things which will are clearly going to antagonize others...friend or enemy?  I'll let others answer that, because my answer could be misconstrued or misinterpreted for more than I'd want to get into here in this space.  I DO believe that everyone should attempt to get along with everyone else, on a global scale; I think we must do all we can to promote positive and benevolent attitudes toward our global community, and share (as we do!) our knowledge, technologies, prosperity, discoveries, advances, lessons, and all the other things Americans do so very, very well.  

Does that mean I think this movie should stay on hold indefinitely? I don't actually know enough about the movie to have analyzed it for 'content quality' or other measure which might sway my opinion one way or the other, so it's best to stay "mum" on this, too, and hold judgment until sometime later, as it is too fresh an issue at the time of this writing. That decision will be made by others, and I hope and pray that they make the best decision for everyone involved.

I'm just sayin'...    

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