~Is The Universe Alive?

October 15, 2011


According to current science, our Universe began from a single instant in time...from nothing...almost 14 billion years ago. Since it is quite difficult for me to conceive of everything coming from nothing, I decline to attempt very much comment on that, because it blows my mind. I'm not saying that God (or whatever we call the ultimate, all-benevolent force behind all of our existence and surroundings) cannot produce a universe and all of its "programming" for bringing forth life and love and wonderment...actually, I believe God CAN do such things...and HAS done such things...and likely is STILL doing such things. 

After much thought and lots of the Bible, and Science Channel and National Geographic Channel series, and online research, I've come to the conclusion that our Universe is, indeed, a living organism in and of itself. Of course, this is not MY idea; many others have theorized in similar ways. And, some of them can even present mathematical formulas and equations that allegedly 'prove' some of the theories. I cannot begin to detail the mathematics for all the how's and why's and when's of the whole thing...but it just makes sense to me. 

I surely cannot prove these things, and I can't even expect others to accept my philosophies on them...so, please don't feel I am attempting to "convince" anyone of anything, necessarily. I'm merely "rambling" about some things that intrigue me and motivate me to seek more depth of understanding about them.
We all come to our own conclusions, ultimately; because we just don't really know the answers. Some believe one thing, others believe another thing; but that is not unusual...it is how we learn and move forward, I believe. It is what separates humans from other animals (as far as we know).

Thinking it through:
Though it might not be easy to think of living organisms consisting of some of the elements we know of today (rocks, iron, dirt, dust, etc.), if we think outside the box a bit, it becomes an intriguing (even if not verifiable) thread to follow. At the Universal scale, who knows what is possible? Science tells us that galaxies "dance" with other galaxies, and eventually "meld" together as one larger galaxy. Perhaps that is a super-sized 'mating dance' that will ultimately bring forth something new and full of life. Perhaps the Universe itself is "evolving", just as all life as we now know it...through the same process of "natural selection". 

We might learn that our Universe is just one of trillions of other similar Universes -- far beyond our physical reach. We might learn that time and space are not what we now think they are. We might learn that our Universe, as well as all Universes, are part of a living organism of a scale that would be like humans discovering that atoms also harbor "life forms" of some kind.

Wrapping it up:
If we can wrap our brains around our Universe being a living organism, it seems we might even begin to understand just how miraculous and how profoundly wonderful a force must be at work to make it all work as well as it obviously has, and does, and will...forever, as far as we can know. Perhaps...just perhaps...we might even learn that we are living within the very being of God!

Further reading:
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