~Is society in decline in the world?

May 16, 2013

Finding Peace Within

think the truth is in what we can see all around us...even here in America.  Since our government has supported movements for keeping "church and state" completely separate in public social and cultural goings on, we have seen a steady "decline" in many areas of life around us. I use quotations because some might say my 'decline' is their 'incline', if you know what I mean.  In truth, some things today actually fulfill that adage which says something like "good will be bad, and bad will be good".  Surely this kind of flip-flop might well be nothing new in the overall picture of social change and growth, but it's sometimes difficult to observe the fallout of that kind of change, isn't it?  

I'm no expert on any culture, but I do believe a culture without some kind of "omnipotent authority" other than human beings cannot operate in an equitable, fair, honorable and otherwise "good for all" atmosphere...because human beings are not yet evolved to the level of understanding where we can look very far beyond ourselves, our greed, our selfishness. 

Without some kind of "moral compass" being proclaimed as a "law of laws" above all other (humankind) laws, human beings whose personalities and psyches allow them to selfishly and uncaringly mistreat other human beings for their personal gain have nothing stopping them except other, more powerful, more wealthy, more ruthless(?) human beings.  Where can this lead?  Call me 'cynical', but I don't yet trust humanity to always 'do the right things', and I think we're witnessing some of this even now.

When we learn to look into the hearts and souls of our brothers and sisters in the world with true compassion, tolerance, sharing, and general understanding of each other's differences, each other's needs, each other's sadness, gladness, and all the other things that make us all pretty much the same, deep down, we might begin to progress toward a unity of direction, goals and purpose. 

We are all "connected" (or capable of becoming connected) through a spiritual network, in my (humble) opinion.  I think we need to learn how to communicate on that level, where things of the 'material world' don't get in the way, y'know?  

I'm just sayin'...

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