~Is preventing another Newtown, CT tragedy about gun control?

December 14, 2012


e live in Connecticut, about an hour's drive from the small town of Newtown, where a gunman killed 20 children and six adults, as well as himself, on a sunny but chilly December day in 2012.  One of my daughters and I were out doing some holiday shopping, and decided to stop for lunch.  She went to look for something on her smartphone, and saw a news item about a shooting at an elementary school in our state.  As she began describing what she was just learning about, some folks at a nearby table who had obviously heard some news already, began telling us that as many as 18 children and six adults had been shot and killed in Newtown.  

Our first reaction, was, of course: "What??  In Newtown?  We've been to Newtown...things like this just do not happen there!"  Ahh...but they do, unfortunately.  Something had gone very wrong this day in Newtown, Connecticut, and as the details slowly became clearer, the question became: "Why?"  "Why would anyone choose to do such a thing to so many innocent people...most of them only six or seven years old?"

Such events always call attention to things like stronger gun controls, tighter school security, better proactive policing of potentially dangerous individuals, and other similar sentiments...and, rightly so, I'm sure.   Many of those things might certainly be helpful in preventing some of these kinds of events, but I am of the opinion that guns do not kill...people do.   

We also tend to look at such events as being because of some kind of breakdown in protective measures and procedures, but, are they really about that?  I believe they are more about a much larger issue today's society is dealing with.  Many people seem to have little or no regard for the welfare of others these days.  Perhaps it's because someone seems to have repealed the Golden Rule, or perhaps it's about the violence and hatred that is glorified in video games, movies, music, and other entertainment venues, y'know?  I'm just sayin'...

May God be with the victims' families and friends and all who suffer in these tragic circumstances. 

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