~Is it "OK" for Armed Forces recruiting tactics to promote and glorify war and violence?

September 30, 2011


his is a tough question, because what I have to say may not be in line with what our Armed Forces recruiters seemingly like to do.  And, since the "No child left behind" program essentially requires that military recruiters be allowed into public schools, it is clear that someone in government wishes to be able to get at our children early-on; perhaps to indoctrinate them to their way of thinking and behaving.  They often target children at quite young ages (high school), when they are impressionable and even "gullible" in some ways.  They also often use questionable, even deceitful tactics, and sometimes even use intimidation or harassment to get kids to "sign up".

In my (humble) opinion, much of the advertising and other "enticements" being used are not promoting "healthy" attitudes for young minds.  Promoting things like violence, hatred, vengeance, retaliation, and other similar attitudes to children is very likely to contribute to "numbing" them to some of those behaviors...so they might not feel such behaviors are "wrong".  Why don't we focus more on diplomacy, discussion, compromise, and other similar, more positive approaches to resolving our issues with those who might not agree with us in the world?  Perhaps we're trying to build an army of cold, calculating, emotionless soldiers who do not understand compassion or forgiveness or love for fellow human beings?  Are we heading for Marshall Law in our own homeland? 

As a nation, it seems we have already become world-wide "bullies", as we poke our noses into other nations' affairs.  We seem to "accept" the fact that wars are "necessary", and we "accept" that there will be losses;  thousands of human lives and billions or trillions of dollars.  And what do we have to show for all that?  Hard to say, really...but my guess is that the families who lose loved ones will never understand; nor will the generations coming along who will have to pay all the bills, y'know?  Will we never learn?
"Just saying my piece!"

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