~Is God's popularity waning in the world?

May 16, 2013


t seems to me that God (by any name) is slowly but surely waning in popularity in many venues, for sure.  Seems it began in earnest (in the U.S. anyway) during the last 20 years or so...I think when our government decided to ban religious influences in schools.  After a while, the same sentiments were applied to courts and other public institutions where taxpayers funded some of them. 

Belief is a personal thing, I guess.  Nobody can deny anyone of the right to believe, or the right to pray (silently), or to seek out spiritual guidance and support, or to engage in whatever 'religious rituals' they wish to (well, maybe some things might be taboo, but...you get my meaning, I think).

Rush Limbaugh once said he believed the removal of God from our schools is one of the major (negative) turning points for our society in general.  Not that he's any authority on the matter, but it's interesting he'd comment in such a way (to me anyway).  I think he might be right, although I know it's not a popular viewpoint these days. 

I think it's too bad our culture is seemingly squeezing God out of the picture.  Truth be told though...God is not mocked...I think it's just a matter of time before people may go running back to find God...when things get bad enough, y'know?  

I'm just sayin'...

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