~How do you explain God to science-minded youth?


You might not be able to "convince" your (science-minded) son or daughter that God or other superior being exists, because so far, humanity has not been able to come up with any technologies which can test for, and otherwise prove that other realms of consciousness, awareness, enlightenment, and otherwise elevated spiritual levels and worlds and beings actually exist. 

However, plenty of sources that delve into such depths of understanding demonstrate in various ways that such levels of consciousness are very real and are actually available to all who seek them and who welcome their depth of wisdom toward understanding a bit more about the meaning of all things. 

Such Truths (with a capital "T") come only from within each individual, as far as I know, so perhaps the best one can do to convince another of anything is to demonstrate, through our own attitudes and behaviors, the need to be open and accepting of others, to learn the meaning of real love and caring and honor and forgiveness, and live according to the overall "crux", the theme, the lessons and the wonder in all of Creation; and why not give credit where it is due...to the benevolent forces which have brought all things into existence through what I can only describe as some kind of Divine Love...a Love that transcends anything we can imagine...a Love that humanity needs...more than anything else today, in my (humble) opinion, that is. 
I'm just sayin'...

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