~Family reunions and amusement parks are similar?

New Hope Arises

I decided to post an answer to a similarly worded, interesting question at Spring.Me, since it sort of "tickled me" when I first read it.  I think the tickle was irony, since, in my case, I have a large family, and a family reunion is usually very much like an 'amusement park' at times...if you get my meaning.  

It is not that we don't get along as "family"...quite the contrary, actually.  We all seem to get along very well indeed, thank God (God was/is always a strong influence).  It's mostly that all of us seem to have so much to chat about that we sometimes rush, and ramble, and otherwise raise somewhat of a 'cacophony'...a GOOD cacophony, of course!

Amusement?  Perhaps...usually is very positive, uplifting, and otherwise richly rewarding in the most important ways.  No 'rides' or trickery-booths or other 'amusement park' fanfare, but the venues we are blessed with are just fine, thanks to family, friends and others.  

Sometimes the level of excitement can be 'contagious', in that when one group of folks begins laughing loudly or otherwise bringing attention to themselves, others might wonder what all the fuss is about and wander over to the laughter, if only to learn what is going on.  Amusement park excitement is also 'contagious', especially when a few folks try out a particular ride or other venue and rant and rave to others about it so they, too, wish to 'try it out'.

So...for ME, I guess I get the best-of-both-worlds.  Enjoying a family reunion provides ample (and more) satisfaction and "thrill"...sans the overbearing crowds, overly loud noises, pricey, useless trinkets, and all the other stuff amusement parks usually provide very well.

I'm just sayin'...

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