~Earn money online - any hints and tips?

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There are several ways to begin online "income streams". There are numerous "programs" which allegedly can 'walk you through' all the steps to build some of these income streams, and, while some of those programs might very well work as promised, I have never personally purchased or used any of those programs...even if their cost is sometimes quite reasonable.

I do know it all takes work, no matter how it's done or presented, and you will have to 'find your own niche', in order to make it something you'll continue to be passionate about, if you know what I mean. Once you decide on a niche that you feel strongly positive about, you can do many things online, depending, of course, exactly what that niche is. I don't think there is any 'magic pellet' that can answer how you should arrange your particular niche market, and it really comes from within you, I'd say.

If your niche is a popular one already (which might be stiff competition), you can see how other similar niche-sites are operating and emulate them, without infringing upon any of their legal rights and intellectual property, etc.  

If not, you might have to write your own roadmap...but mostly it takes getting web traffic to your online presence, your niche; whether you have your own blogs and websites, or you submit content (articles, graphics, videos, audios, etc.) to the myriad content-seeking venues out there. Earnings come from ad revenue and revenue-sharing (Adsense™, Kontera™, etc.), affiliations, upfront payments (written articles, etc.), sales of "digital products" (graphics, audio, video, e-books, etc.)...and any other (legitimate) ways you can effectively sell your niche products over the Internet.

You can begin by reviewing "MY LIST" of over 70 sites I've discovered that are seeking content, at my "Earn Money Online!" blog:

"MY LIST" is my own 'work-in-progress' listing of sites I have found that are seeking various types of content (mostly written articles, in this list). Use MY LIST as a launch-pad for learning what's available, how the sites operate, how they pay, how much they pay, and whatever else their site Terms (etc.) say.  

Best of luck in your 'earning money online' endeavors!

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