~Does religion help make a better world?

Sept. 11, 2012


It helps to understand more about the chronology of humanity's paths since 'the beginning', with regard to becoming more and more 'aware' of self, of others, of a Creator, of a Creator's overall plan, and even of an inner 'need', and, hopefully, an 'obsession'...to learn how to be a 'good human being' to fit into that plan, as best we can understand it. 

That's how I see it, anyway.  Not that it's as simple as it might sound, though; because we know the human condition has only evolved in the 'spiritual' arena in limited ways up to now, at least on a grand scale.  Some spiritual leaders, most of whom have become figureheads for major religions, were clearly 'ahead of their time'...even though the 'plan' might very likely be what brought them here when they WERE here, all for very good reasons...perhaps to help 'redirect' some of the spiritual paths humanity could have taken, had they not 'intervened'. 

Maybe this sounds hazy, and surely it is, in many ways...but it makes sense to me this way.  I believe in the 'Forces of Creation' -- though I cannot say I could ever describe that concept in understandable (to others) terms. 

I think of our tiny speck of Earth with all its life and luster as one of billions (or more?) of similar places elsewhere in our universe; each with its own life, its own 'evolution', based on its particular 'genetic Universal code'...in other words, the atomic elements, chemicals, dusts, gases, microorganisms(?), and whatever else comes out of birthing stars and other mysterious goings on in our universe that have brought US here. 

Perhaps the 'dancing galaxies' is really a 'mating dance' on a scale we cannot perceive, y'know? 

Somehow, somewhere, there has to be an overall 'intelligence' which is behind all these wonders everywhere we look, in my (humble) opinion.  We usually call that overall force "God" or other version of Supreme Being deity...and I guess that's the best we can do with our limited depth of perception. 

Once again, I think of our Creative Forces (God) as Pure Love...although I admit I cannot begin to know how to describe or define that, y'know?  

I'm just sayin'...

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