~Does it matter how society evolves, with or without God?

June 29, 2012


or me, God is the Force, or Power, or Energy, or "Spirit", or whatever we choose to call the Primary Drivers behind all of Creation (I capitalize, because I do believe such an Awesome Force MUST be deserving of such respect, y'know?).  In my (humble) opinion, that Force is synonymous with Love...nothing more, nothing less.  

Unfortunately, I do not know how to understand such a profound level of Love which brings about perfection and harmony and unity and "order in chaos" in everything.  All things work just as they are supposed to work...even though humankind is capable of making "choices" which may or may not be completely in line with what those Forces of Love might prefer.  

We might ask "does it really matter what we choose, in the Grand Scheme of things?"  Good question.  We are so minuscule, when viewed from somewhere out in the Universe.  We are merely one tiny speck in an unimaginably huge place that we cannot possibly fathom beyond what we can see or detect with our meager technologies...we really have no clue about so much, it's almost laughable we even think we're figuring it all out.  

Again, in my (humble) opinion, what matters is whether or not we learn how to embrace and promote and foster and otherwise become aligned with those Forces of Love which have brought us to be in the first place.  If we learn how and choose to be aligned, I believe our world will prosper beyond imagination.  If we do not learn how to be aligned, or choose not to be, I believe our world will deteriorate and become an ugly, sad, "hellish place", indeed.  

I'm just sayin'...

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