~Can Creation and Evolution co-exist?

September 18, 2011


or many people, Creation and Evolution must remain completely separate and non-related.  Either you believe in Creation or you believe in Evolution...as though the two "theories" (yes, both are theories, technically) cannot be spoken of as being intertwined or inter-related in any way.  I say, "why?"  

Science has gathered sufficient evidence to pretty much solidify the fact that evolution does occur in all life forms, perhaps in all of existence in the Universe.  

That is why humans have 'grown' to become the intelligent, effective, efficient, and otherwise pretty-darn-good life-forms that they have become, and it is why dinosaurs existed and disappeared, and why our planet's flora and fauna and oceans have changed so much over time.  Life does evolve...that much I think we can see quite clearly now.
Does the fact that life evolves negate the concept of Creation?  In my (humble) opinion, the answer is "NO!"   After all, how do we reconcile and answer the obvious next question, now that we know life does evolve?  That question is: "What force is driving such a miraculous and perfect process for life-forms to learn and grow and adapt and live in comfort and (hopefully one day) in peace?"   Surely there must be SOMETHING behind it all.  Surely there must be something with SUPER intelligence behind it all.  How else could everything work so well?  Pure "accident"?  

I cannot wrap MY feeble brain around the possibility that everything we know of has come about purely through random events and occurrences over eons of time...not without some kind of "direction" or "programming" or whatever we want to call it...and that "direction" had to come from "something" or "somewhere" or "someone" or "some-whatever"!  And, that "something" (et al.) needs to possess something that we humans cannot begin to grasp with our limited understanding and imagination.  

So, I like to say: "Of course I believe in Evolution...after all, God designed things that way!"

I'm just sayin'...

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