~Are the birds behaving strangely this year - 2012?

October 24, 2012


We've been avid bird lovers for many years, and have always maintained several feeders for birds of many varieties. In summer, we put out the hummingbird feeders (which, by the way, are also frequented by woodpeckers and sometimes even others); and we also keep thistle, sunflower, and mixed-seed feeders filled for the numerous yellow and rose finches, various sparrow varieties, wrens, chickadees, titmice, cardinals, various woodpeckers, blue-jays, mourning doves, nuthatches, even robins, but they mostly feed on bugs and worms in the ground. 

This year, it seems many of "our birds" are acting very strangely with regard to their behavior at the feeders. Because we're 'experienced', we have a pretty good idea of how much birdseed (all types) we use; and this year we are using MUCH more than normal...especially thistle seed, but also sunflower seed. 

We have three thistle-feeders hanging under the eave of our screen-porch, where we can see, quite close up, how the finches and chickadees seem to be very nervously "stocking up". They seem to be going through about 10 pounds of thistle seed within about a week! I haven't actually measured, but I know a 25 pound bag lasts only about a month, when, in the past, it would sometimes last several months, maybe even a year! The birds also seem very 'aggressive' this year, and some of them appear to have had "extra offspring" as well.  

It's interesting to note that birds (and other animals) are sensitive to frequencies that we humans might not understand.  Much the same way a dog-whistle can't be heard by humans, but can surely be heard by dogs (and perhaps other animals).  Likewise, it is said that elephants communicate with each other via very low frequencies that humans can't hear, but elephants can hear for great distances.  

Perhaps there are some growing signals that animals are already "tuned into" about something looming in Nature...something that might be profound and perhaps even catastrophic (hopefully not!).  Are animals "sensing" some low or high frequency sound waves the planet is generating deep inside?  Or, perhaps it's something from beyond our skies?  Or, is it related to "chemtrails"?  Or perhaps to HAARP?  Or, is it simply a natural cycle we just don't understand.  Hmmm...who knows, right? 

I'm just sayin'...