~12/21/12 Is Over - Now What?

December 28, 2012

New Hope Arises

ell, 12/21/12 has come and gone!  So far, we’re still here, and our world did not end like some were saying might happen, based on the sadly misinterpreted Mayan Calendar. Perhaps it’s really just about the idea that “12/21/12” is one of those things some folks love to build superstitions around…simply because it repeats a few digits and conjures up that sense of “lucky/unlucky numbers” or other similar idea. 

Of course, it is still early yet, being just one week past that date; so, I suppose we are still within the ‘margin of error’.  Hmmm…dunno.  In any case, I think the idea of latching onto some of the “hype and yipe” that was generated about 12/21/12 was perpetrated by some clever marketing techniques, and I’m guessing there were some who truly capitalized on the whole thing. 

I’d like to think we could learn how to be a bit more ‘positive’ with regard to some of our superstitions, though…that is, why can’t we lean toward expecting some kind of new hope or new beginning, instead of an end to our world?  I think it is time for 'awakenings' and new spirituality...the kinds of things that can help to ultimately bring new unity and greater possibilities for peace in our world.

"God is Love" - it is Love which has brought us to be, and it is Love which will KEEP us and help us learn the Truth.  We might be better off if we do not perpetuate some of the empty religious platitudes that so often get in the way of Truth (don't get me wrong, I'm not against all religion - as long as it's "real").  

Let's open our hearts to all possibilities, shall we?  Let's even entertain thoughts and ideas for a world where various religions can become knit together with a commonly shared sense of Divine Love, instead of being further separated because of competition and differences of opinions.  Can we learn to accept the idea that all of us can come together under one Almighty Creator, instead of having segmented factions that are based on humanities’ misgivings and misunderstandings about who we are and why we are here and how we should be behaving?

Jesus said "...the truth shall set you free" (John 8: 32).  Let us seek that freedom with all we have!  

I'm just sayin'...