~Woe unto us...hypocrites!

September 30, 2011


ecent TV ads (CBS) have a young actor telling parents to teach their children to treat others like they'd want to be treated themselves (known as the familiar "Golden Rule").  First, let me say that I whole-heartedly agree.  The Golden Rule is, in a nutshell, the solution to all the world's problems...bar none...at least in my (humble) opinion.

Unfortunately, the very next ad could very well be for some law firm telling that they will help patients sue the pants off that doctor who very probably did his level best to help resolve health issues, but was perhaps unable to be as successful as all had hoped for. 

"Treating others the way we'd like to be treated"?  That doesn't sound like it to me, and it is clear that the prevailing message our children are bombarded with from every side is surely more about NOT treating others the way we'd like to be treated ourselves...and it doesn't stop there.  How can we expect children to behave according to the Golden Rule when we, ourselves...the adults...the ones who "know better"...are dealing with each other in so many cut-throat and callous, uncaring ways? 

Woe unto us...hypocrites! 

 Then we can look again at our political shenanigans.  Nothing new there, but more of the same old broken promises, corruption and collusion everywhere, and corporate money funding big lobbying efforts with campaign donations and bought out "elected" representatives.  Do the "regular people" really have ANY say?  Do their votes really matter to anyone?  Surely there are some politicians who are truly trying to do things in honorable and upright ways...it would be nice if ALL of them did, but we know better than that. 

Our government leaders seem to be way more interested in photo-ops and other re-election niceties than with the many and varied issues that their constituents might wish they'd pay more attention to.  We hear it all the time...some critical decisions are often put off until after elections, especially if the possible decisions are thought to be potentially unattractive to voters.  Somehow, careers and political agendas take priority in many cases, and it is the general public who usually suffers. 

Woe unto us...hypocrites!

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