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Charlie Hare (a.k.a. "w1z11", "w1z111")
elcome to "Just Saying My Piece!"  Here, you can find all sorts of commentary and opinion about a whole bunch of topics, from politics to home-ownership to religion to video games and so much more!  

This is where I let it all hang out, and give "my humble opinion" on things.  These are just MY own thoughts and ideas; not to be taken as "final answers".  

I enjoy debating and discussing all kinds of issues and concepts, including extra-terrestrial-life, mysteries of the Universe, microcosms and macrocosms...and most things in between.

I love to try picking apart some of the trending issues, to look at how they might impact the general populace, and how today's responses to those might affect future generations; and whether the impact might be positive or negative.  Some topical research is generally included, with links to resources and other supporting content, as appropriate.

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Perspectives and opinions expressed by the author of these pages are in no way an attempt to reflect perspectives and opinions of any institutional, religious, cultural, philosophical, social or other particular established groups or entities...nor to attempt to rebut or otherwise disavow any of those established groups or entities nor their belief systems.  

Feel free to submit your requests for topics you'd like me to research and write about.  Use form at the top of this page or click HERE to go to the Topics Request page. Thanks for participating!

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