Android 1.6 Google Reader client

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Just Reader is a new Google Reader client for offline browsing. (from Android 1.6)

Here are main features:
  • Nice and fast Android interface
  • Full offline support (you can download images to your SD card and view them while offline)
  • Auto-sync (different options) + start sync when WiFi is connected
  • Fit images to page
  • Full sync: get unread messages from server and save read status to the server
  • Some variants for switching between articles: volume buttons and swipe: Just swipe up when you are at the bottom of the article to switch to the next article
  • Multiple google reader accounts: you can add many google reader accounts (for example, for you girl friend)
  • Share, Star is fully supported: you can share articles with your friends via Google Reader
  • Send to friends: You can send articles links to your friends via sms, email, twitter or other services
  • Font size adjustment: sometimes (especially for those who set lcd_density) it's very usefull to increase or decrease default font size
  • Ignore article font size: sometimes feeds come with overriden font size and it's not very comfortable to read articles in different font sizes. This option is right for this
  Near future (These features will be introduced very soon: look at release history): 
  • save data to SD
  • improve UI and make it more intuitive
  • download full text of articles 
  • individual settings for feeds (for pictures and full text downloading)

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