What's in a Cake Pop?

A cake pop, or a party pop, as we like to call them, are just the yummiest things.
  • These are little darling cakes. Set on a Stick. A lolly Stick.
  • Dipped in chocolate, decorated with edible bits and bobs, from the confectionary world.
  • Good for kiddies parties, and such fun to eat. Yummmm. Adults parties too. We add some of the boozy stuff for those orders!
  • Cake on a stick. A dessert. A birthday cake. A moist ball, of cake, mixed with butter icing and a dab of cottage cheese.
  • We make ours rich. We use free range eggs, and free range milk. Yes we do. We care enough to do that.
  • Dipped in white and dark chocolate, milk chocolate from America and Belgium to ensure smoothness on dipping.
  • Coloured with the best imported colours from across the seas. Such fun for the kids, such fun to eat.
  • Great entertainment gimmick.  We make all sorts of pops.
  • Sensational designs, that your eyes will pop and your jaws will drop. Yes, it takes time and concentration.  Each one is hand made, rolled, dipped and decorated. Yes, its a art of love. We just love making them, and seeing the delight on our clients faces.
  • Want some? We are sure you do. Dont have the time to make them? We do!
  • Order from our range, or contact us for your special wishes.
  • We make to order, and deliver when the pops are fresh.

  • Contact us : http://www.partypops.co.za or email us on sales@partypops.co.za
  • We delivery to your door for a nominal fee.R50 up to 15kgs Johannesburg or up to R150 -R180 National courier. We fly it to you.

  • Have a look at our range. Order today. http://www.partypops.co.za We are the most reasonably priced in the country! We have many specials running. Sign up for our newsletter, and click on our blog. We have high tea menus. 
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