Ring Report - March 2019

March Madness Magic brought us three new magicians and a host of older ones for an evening of food, folks, and fun. Visitors Amy Nichols, Justin Sheridan, and newest club member Emerson Hilbert were introduced by President Bob Burd. He then led off with announcements. Bob presented Mikayla Osman with a certificate thanking her for past terms as club president. Mikayla brought creative energy to the club with guest presenters and club shows to the communities.

Ray Thompson shared attending a visiting Vaudeville show in Des Moines. He then shared his latest purchase of Winners Dice. He explained the concept of how the prediction should work, but said the results were not consistent and still needed work.

Emerson Hilbert had a volunteer call "Stop" as she riffled the cards and correctly predicted the 4S. We applaud Emerson's talent and poise as she presented to the veteran group of magicians.

Barb Funke, the Korn Patch Clown Club President, shared upcoming presenters Brian Lees and Steve Daly coming March 26 and April 30, and invited our club members to attend. Then Barb brought Emerson Hilbert and Elias Arbuckle forward to participate in a coin magic routine. They both started with six coins from trays, and ended by Emerson having three and Elias 9. It was a fun version of cards-across.

Elias challenged Jonathan May to a March Madness Bracket of cards. Jonathan put his finger on an upside-down fanned deck, and chose the 5H. Elias took the 5H and moved it to between 2 cards, and then showed all the hearts except the hole between the 3 and 5, and found the 5H under a joker. Elias then asked Jonathan to pick a number between 1 and 25. Jon picked 6, and Elias counted over to the 6th card down of the deck and revealed the 5H again. No matter what Jonathan chose, the 5H kept showing up everywhere Elias revealed it. The Amazing Elias has some uncanny skills with prestidigitation.

Phuc Doan had Mikayla choose a 5D and put it in a see-through plastic holder. Barb Funke then chose the KD, sign it and return it to the plastic case. Holding up and shaking the case, Phuc revealed the cards changing before our eyes within the cardholder. Phuc has shown a mastery of cards and coins.

New magician Justin Sheridan passed out a prediction that we would choose a QH, and then produced the 2S from a deck. He then held up a note card with the 2S written on it and held up a lighter to the back of the card which revealed the 2S. We look forward to inviting Justin back to perform for his initiation into Justo Hijo.

Jonathan May had volunteers call out choices for a card prediction. Barb chose red, Bob chose diamonds, Elias chose queen. Then Jonathan placed the QD in a glass and riffled through a blue-backed deck to reveal the QD was not there. When he turned the QD around in the glass, it revealed the Q as a red-backed card. Jonathan works magic full-time now, but made time to come back and entertain us. Thanks Jonathan.

Johnny Ulin showed a ring, swallowed it, and the took out a string to retrieve it. He held the string tightly to his neck and worked it back and forth until it appeared that the string had pierced his neck. After a few more pulls the ring reappeared from his neck onto the string. What a strange, but enjoyable trick!

Mikayla Osman had Barb stop at the 4H. She then took a picture of Amy and asked her to put it on Instagram on the phone. She then showed the phone with Amy's picture holding the 4H on a large card. Oz then showed a blank deck of cards from which the 4H came, and then pulled out the 4H from the blank deck, and then returned the blank deck to normal. Wow, Mikayla sure has a knack for using technology for magic.

Bob Burd shared a bit of clairvoyance and ESP when he passed out 5 small bags to people to put a small object inside. The bags were collected and Bob opened and returned the items one by one to the perceived owner. After much concentration and deliberation he gave Johnny Ulin a ring, Amy Nichols a key chain, Ben Ulin a flash drive, Elias Arbuckle a Chap Stick, and Hesham Hassan a coin. Bob then asked them to stand up if they received the right objects. He was correct on all 5...very impressive and mind-boggling.

It was a very entertaining evening of magic sharing and group participation.

Next month we have a lecture by Scott Alexander April 22.

We invite anyone traveling through Central Iowa to join us for an evening of dining and magic.