Ring Report-2019_May

President Bob Burd opened our May meeting with introductions and announcements. We are all looking forward to the AbraCORNdabra Magic Convention in Des Moines this weekend. Magicians and entertainers from the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, and Texas will lecture and perform in the three day Convention.

Bob led off the magic with a ropes routine that magically linked and unlinked to our amazement. Phuc Doan shared a coin routine that began with five coins in a metal case, then four, three, two, and finally one. The coins appeared and disappeared from Phuc's hands into and out of the case. Excellent sleight of hand! Elias Arbuckle brought out a bag with two Rubik's Cubes, one solved and one unsolved. He asked Johnny Ulin which one he preferred...he took the solved cube. Elias then crumpled the bag and the other cube disappeared. Then Elias scrambled the solved cube, put it behind his back, and brought it out from behind solved. Great presentation! Bruce Anderson shared a Pythagoras cup he picked up on the island of Crete. Filled with water to the line was fine. But when Johnny filled the cup above the line, all the water poured out the bottom. Pythagoras invented this cup as a lesson in greed. Justin Sheridan performed his club initiation routine by having Johnny Ulin sign his business card and place it in front of him. He then asked for a random 2-digit number, times a 3-digit number, times a 2-digit. Justin did the math on his calculator and the product was 67,182. Justin asked Johnny to turn over the signed card to reveal 67,182. Next Owen Borgstadt chose a 10D from a card deck, and placed it back in the pack. Justin waved the deck near his chest, and after the third pass, the 10D was linked onto the chain on Justin's neck. Then Justin asked Johnny for a dollar, folded it, and gave Phuc a wrapped bag to hold. Justin took back the bag and revealed a pill bottle. Inside the pill bottle was Johnny's dollar. Three great routines by our new candidate for membership! Owen Borgstadt began his initiation routine with a Mongolian Clock Trick. Emerson Hollar chose a 3S from an upside-down pile of cards. When Owen gathered the cards and counted down, he revealed Emerson's pick, the 3S. Next Owen laid out 12 cards and asked Phuc to choose folding the cards up, down, left, right, or to the middle. Owen then gathered the cards to reveal all for kings face up and the card backs face down. The King's Rug trick is a winner. Owen's grand finale was the cups and balls routine where three balls appeared and disappeared from the cups. The finish revealed four balls from under the cups. Nicely done!

The club members then voted unanimously to invite Justin and Owen to be the newest Justo Hijo members. Bob adjourned the meeting, and young and old members stuck around to share more magic with one another.

If you're in Central Iowa the second Monday of each month, stop in for some food, folks, and Fun Magic. Bruce Anderson