Members and guests arrived early Monday night, June 10th and began performing and discussing magic at their tables prior to the start of the meeting. The meeting was called to order by Ring President, Bob Burd, welcoming everyone and especially our guests. Bob invited everyone who attended AbraCORNdabra the Premier Midwest Magic Convention in Des Moines, on May 17-19 to comment on their experiences. The unanimous perception was extremely positive.

Owen Borgstadt, our newest young magician, Elias Arbuckle, another of our young magicians, and Mikayla Oz demonstrated their skills in card magic with a series of card routines.

Lukas McCannon dazzled us with the routine he performed in the Kernels, the Young Magicians Showcase at AbraCORNdabra. He showed two blue poker chips which he turned to red. Then through a series of manipulations, turned the chips form red to blue and magically turning them from blue back to red. A marvelous routine for this young entertainer.

Johnny Ulin took the stage, looking really sharp in his new fedora, to demonstrate a brand-new rope effect. Unfortunately, due to equipment malfunction, he had to cut the routine short. It happens!

Bob Burd closed the evening with a couple of routines from AbraCORNdabra. The first was a “Book Test”. He produced two books and asked Rex Thompson to select one of the books, he raffled through the pages and Rex stopped on a random page. Bob then proceeded to divine the first word on that page. For his next routine, Bob attempted to read the minds of the entire audience. He asked them to think of a number, multiply it by 10, add the digits together, convert the number to a letter, select a county starting with that letter, and think of an animal and think of the country where you find that animal. Bob then confidently announced the country of which they were all thinking.

It was a great evening. When the meeting was adjourned, people broke into informal discussion groups. Lots of fun and magical conversation followed! We welcome any magician traveling through the Midwest to visit us the second Monday of each month at F&O Restaurant in Des Moines. Check our website for information about magic in Central Iowa.