Ring Report - December 2018

Our December Holiday Meeting began with a big thank you to our out-going President Mikayla Osman. She then held the election of officers for 2019. With a unanimous vote, we elected Bob Burd President, Aaron Sterrett Vice President, Johnny Ulin Treasurer, and Bruce Anderson Secretary.

Ray Thompson reported on his recent Magic Convention in Havana, Cuba. Ray performed along with many amazing Cubans and great headliners Mac King, Jade, and Mike Caveney. Ray was impressed with the talent and hospitality at the event.

AbraCORNdabra is coming back to Des Moines May 17-19, 2019. Early registration in January is recommended for a spot in the Greatest Show in Iowa.

The theme for the holidays was the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Each person got to choose a wrapped gift of magic. There was a nice variety of new and old tricks exchanged. It was fun to give and receive the surprises.

Newly elected President Bob Burd brought out a chimney with a 3-block Santa inside. With the help of Katelyn Martin, Bob stacked the blocks inside the chimney, but they kept coming out in a mixed-up order. With two or three tries Katelyn succeeded in a correctly stacked Santa with a Christmas tree backing. Katelyn was amazed.

VP Aaron Sterrett gave two touring books of London and Boston to Bob and Bruce, and asked them to turn to pages that had street names listed. Aaron then correctly wrote the predictions of Abby Street in London and Montcalm Ave. in Boston. Aaron received a Mentalism book for his holiday gift, and already has some great routines in his back pocket.

Secretary Bruce Anderson showed a can of oatmeal and shared how he didn't like oatmeal and always had to eat it for breakfast. On Christmas day he found a can of oatmeal under the tree, was disappointed, opened it, and a spring-loaded Santa popped out. Both Katelyn and Bruce were surprised.

We adjourned with a "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!"

We welcome visiting magicians to join us if you're in Central Iowa the second Monday of the month. Bruce Anderson