Ring Report - march 2017

March 2017

We began our March meeting with two member initiation routines. Tom Lyon is rejoining Justo Hijo with a great cup-and-ball routine. He manipulated balls to music in and out and between the cups very skillfully. The grand finale resulted in three large balls beneath the cups. Tom's still got it!

Jonathan Dougherty performed a coin routine with large coins appearing, disappearing, and reappearing as silver, gold, and Japanese coins. Excellent manipulation! He then rearranged a Rubik Cube in record time, and then solved a mixed-up cube from inside a paper bag. We proudly welcomed both Tom and Jonathan to our Justo Hijo fellowship.

Ben Ulin, The Dean of Iowa Magicians, presented a lecture " The Real Art of Magic" to our club. Ben encouraged us to think and perform "Artfully" to enhance and connect with audiences. In order to achieve "Amazing" and "Entertaining" results you need to move with confidence and with a purpose for each trick. Rather than focusing on the skill and effect, focus on authentic human content and sincere connection to achieve surprise, spectacle, and puzzlement. Humans are problem solvers who enjoy the challenge as well as the entertainment artful magic has to offer. Doug Henning states, "An effect becomes great when you give the audience a sense of wonder in their experience."

Ben demonstrated the domino effect to illustrate how a simple routine can be a powerful, surprising, and fun routine. He then chose young Danny Pierick to choose a card from an "unusual" deck. Danny chose a 7S with lots of signatures on the face. Danny added his signature, returned it to the deck, and witnessed his card buried in the deck rise to the top over and over. Finally, Danny held the deck as he saw his signed card slowly rise from the middle.

Ben then chose Danny's mom Karen to imagine holding a deck of cards and think of a card. Karen spread the deck, picked the AH, and flipped it face down in the imaginary deck. Ben then produced Karen's reversed card in a regular deck. Ben demonstrated how giving of yourself and genuinely connecting with your volunteers and the audience, they feel the experience and your passion for the "Art of Magic". When you create your best character and connect the prop with a story, it becomes a lasting magical moment for your audience.

Thank you Ben for an engaging, entertaining, and powerful presentation for our club. We appreciate your leadership, scholarship, and passion for "The Art of Magic".

If you're traveling through Central Iowa the second Monday of the month, please drop in and share some food and fellowship with us. We welcome your magic too.