Ring Report - January 2017

Our 1st meeting of the New Year brought out a huge crowd at Felix & Oscars Restaurant in Des Moines. The meeting was called to order by President, Michael (Oz) Osman welcoming everyone and introducing our guests.

Oz reminded everyone to mark their calendars for the 2017 - 7th Annual AbraCORNdabra Magic Convention, The Midwest’s PREMIER Magic Convention to be held May 19th – 21st, at the DES MOINES AIRPORT HOLIDAY INN in Des Moines. He encouraged everyone to take advantage of the special reduced rate ‘Early Bird’ registration on Thursday, January 19th 2017 ONLY. There is a great line up of talent that you don’t want to miss. Check the website www.Abracorndabra.com for more details.

Keith West reported on his recent successful engagement at the Magic Castle with his international award-winning Las Vegas Style magic act.

Shannon Arbuckle reported that we had four of our members car pool to Cedar Rapids for the John Carney Lecture and stop at the Magic Store.

Ben Ulin reported on the updates to the club website www.justohijo.com . He needs items for the new Want Ads section and Magic News section.

Oz reported that our Justi Hijo Magic Club Facebook sight has been increasing in activity.

The “Show &Tell” theme was to perform or demonstrate a trick or effect that was received in our December MAGIC White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Oz lead off talking about his gift “Medical Magic” DVD then performed several marvelous effects using a barrowed iPhone.

Drew, a 7 year old guest, took the stage in his top hat and cape and proceeded to fascinate us with an unbelievable “Linking Rings” routine. Really, it was amazing!

Elias Arbuckle, another of our young magicians, a 9 year old expert card manipulator, demonstrated his gift “Vortex” by Dan Harlan. He swirled 2 Cards (5D & QC) and we watched in amazement as they melted together eight before our eyes.

Ben Ulin’s gift was the book, “Magic With Cards” by Garcia & Schindler. He then performed an exciting card prediction routine.

Alan Koslow, past president of Justo Hijo, has been performing “Medical Magic” 42 years. Just by looking at a willing volunteer Alan was able to correctly predicted there exact pulse rate.

Christian then took the stage to demonstrate his nifty new “Mini Pizza Paddle.” A great “Flip Stick” routine for his restaurant walk-around magic.

Bob Burd reported on his gift “Search and Destroy” DVD by Aaron Fisher. He then performed a “Psych-Quiz Prediction” by Anthony Owen. With the help of Mia, he correctly predicted her answers to a “Cosmopolitan Personality Quiz”. A very slick routine.

Alex Cantor, a 7 year old first time visitor, demonstrated his expertise with his “Magic Coloring Book.”

Tom Lion told a story of when he was looking for a magic trick where he had six dollar bills, he gave three away but still had six bills left. A well done “6 Bill Repeat” routine.

Drew then took the stage once again and demonstrated his vanishing “Bird Cage” card in a sleeve. He caused it to vanish and reappear.

It was a great evening. When the meeting was adjourned, people broke into informal discussion groups for another hour. Lots of laughs and great conversation!

Submitted by acting secretary Bob Burd.