Ring Report - february 2017

We had a great turn-out for our February magic meeting, including three new families with a young budding magician-to-be. President Michael Osman encouraged introductions by all to welcome the new families.

Announcements of upcoming events included a Bill Blagg show in Des Moines in March and Amazing Jonathan in Kansas City in September. Christian Manahl announced that he and Michael were semi-finalists in the Iowa State University Talent Show in late February. Ben Ulin will lecture on revelations about "What Makes a Trick Successful" at our March meeting. Elias Arbuckle shared how he received a scholarship to attend MagicFest and gave highlights of his experience. There's a lot of excitement and positive energy among our club members.

Valentine's Magic was our theme, and Ray Thompson led off by choosing Karen Pierick to sign a quarter and squeeze it in her hand to feel the love of the holiday, and let go and melt all worries. Upon opening her hand, the quarter was bent in half.

Bob Burd created a paper rose from a paper napkin as a symbol of love. He then caused the rose to light up, smell, and produce a candy kiss. Then he rushed out to buy a last minute present for his wife.

Elias Arbuckle showed how a joker loves cards by blending and becoming a red double-backed card, and then returned back to two separate cards.

Ben Ulin shared a trick about love, and had Karen choose a card. The 4H was returned to the deck and shuffled. Karen blew a kiss through the air, and Ben caught it in the deck. He revealed a lipstick kiss on the 4H, that turned out to be the only red-backed card in a blue-backed deck.

Young Alex Cantor showed Elias how to produce a candy kiss from an empty box...nice magical start before the club.

Michael OZ shared a creative twist to the Vanishing Banana/Bandana routine by calling Siri on his cell phone for instructions for a new trick. Siri proceeded to give Michael step-by-step directions. As Michael tried to palm the folded banana, Michael exclaimed, "Are you serious?" The response from the phone was, "No, I'm Siri." Michael finished by placing the banana in a folded hanky, saying a magic prayer, and showed the empty hanky. Very nice banana-split twist!

Young Danny Pierick made his debut by having Bruce Anderson select the 4D and return it to the deck.

He then called upon Walt Chivers to open a sealed envelope to reveal a prediction of the 4D. Great start for a first-timer!

Six year old Drew Boyke dazzled us with a wonderful linking ring routine. Pretty amazing handling of a challenging routine! We had four young magicians share our stage with great poise and confidence...Wow!

Christian Manahl, an Iowa State student shared a variety of cats-in-the-cradle string manipulations. He wove four diamonds, a big smile, a tea cup, a 5 point star, and finished by pulling the string through his neck and his bound fingers. Fun routine by an older youngster!

We adjourned the meeting to mingle and teach and learn new tricks from one another. The interaction among the beginners, amateurs, and professionals is truly a wonderful and magical experience to a great meeting. If you're in Central Iowa the second Monday of the month, please drop in and share the magic.

Bruce Anderson