Ring Report - october 2017

President Michael Osman welcomed members and guests to our October meeting. Announcements of upcoming magic events in Iowa include: Ben Ulin's Magic & Comedy at the Funny Bone October 13, Mac King in Fairfield, IA November 18, and Lance Burton & Friends at the Civic Center in Des Moines November 25-26.

It was youth night at Justo Hijo Monday night as our kids wowed us with their talents. Danny Pierick had a taste for meteal as he bit a Quarter in two, and then restored it. Elias Arbuckle showed his ability to suspend cards in the air and move forks across a table. Alex Cantor shared his mastery of the cups and balls. These three young magicians are very hungry and enthusiastic learners of magic. Don't be surprised if they appear on America's Got Talent in the future. Michael Osman, the last young magician, joined our club when he was 8, and we elected him Justo Hijo President when he turned 20. The Great Oz had Barb Funke choose a card, the 7S from a deck and rip it into pieces. Barb tried to restore it and Michael helped find most of the pieces. Then he took out his magic wand...Chapstick, and waved it over Barb's hand. Nothing happened until Michael cranked up the Chapstick to reveal a playing card. It was the 7S with two missing pieces, one from Barb and one from Michael. Amazing!

We adjourned and stuck around to share, converse, and sell and trade some magic. That will be our November meeting's theme, to show some Turkey tricks, and then try to sell some of our closets-full of tricks. If you're in the Des Moines area the second Monday of the month, drop in for some food, folks, and magic. Bruce Anderson