Ring Report - december 2016

Dec 2016

We had nice turnout of mentalists, magicians, and wizards at our December Holiday Gathering. President Michael Osman welcomed members and guests, and introduced officer candidates for the 2017 elections. After heated debates and mud-slinging campaign rhetoric and empty promises, we unanimously re-elected Michael as President, Bob Burd as VP, Bruce Anderson as Secretary, George Noble as Treasurer, and Shannon Arbuckle as Sergeant of Arms & Legs


A Magic White Elephant gift exchange brought out many treasures and steals of cards, rings, books, DVDs, sponge balls, and a great variety of surprises. It was a fruitful and entertaining exchange of goodwill and holiday cheer.

Bob Burd led off the magic with a story and display of holiday lights that included an LED bulb that lit in his hand, rose, fell, and levitated around him. Great routine that brings up the question: How many magicians does it take to light and levitate a light bulb? Bruce Anderson shared a short history of Magic Club Christmas parties in the past. He then surprised Cody Jenison with a holiday die box that popped open with a spring-loaded Santa and a "Merry Christmas" holiday silk. Jonathon Dougherty showed how to magically transport a bent bottle cap into a capped bottle. We enjoy welcoming you to our club and getting to know you Johnathon. Michael Osman led us through an audience participation exercise with some fancy finger manipulation. We struggled to match his moves. Then he retrieved a double rubber finger with his teeth, and showed his hand. It was a finger-lickin' good routine.

We gathered after the meeting for an exchange of ideas and magic lessons. We really thrive as a group when the old and young can learn from one another. We always extend a warm welcome to visitors to our monthly meetings for food, fun, and an evening of magical entertainment.

Bruce Anderson