Ring Report - march 2015

Last night’s “Freestyle Magic” seemed to be a hit! It was a mixed bag of magic and a lot of fun for everyone in attendance. We saw balloons burst, cards found, and predictions come true…and more! We even had the chance to see a rare book, one of which only 300 copies were ever made! It was an exciting night! If you missed it…you should be properly bummed and vow to never miss another magic club meeting again! J

We talked about tips and tricks on reading your magic periodicals and books, our big Gregory Wilson Lecture coming up, the Abracorndabra convention and more.

When the meeting broke up “officially” at 8:00, the famous “sessions” kicked off, with everyone dashing to their preferred corner. One corner had ropes, one had cards, and one had apparatus. Everyone shuffled back and forth, front and back and left and right to get a mix of all the treasures that fellow club members had in store for them. When THOSE sessions broke up, a smaller “focus group” kicked into high gear. We talked about Marketing, finding yourself in magic and what you do that is different, we talked about choreographing your tricks into an “act” and more. Lots of laughs and great conversation!

It would be great to have more people stick around, into these “sessions.” The business meeting goes from 7-8, but you don’t have to LEAVE just because the club is officially “dismissed.” Stick around for more magic!

Our April meeting with be focused on MONEY MAGIC. We have a lot of card flingers in the group and have been enjoying an upswing in card tricks and moves. It’s a lot of fun! It was brought up that some members may not know who “DOWNS” is…or who “BOBO” is…or who “ROTH” is…or who “Harbottle” is! No problem! We will fix that next month! Bring your coins, your bills, your gadgets and your gimmicks! We will be doing tricks, teaching moves, and looking at some various “gadgets” all with a focus on doing magic with Money!

Don’t Miss it!

A special thank you to VP Bob Burd, for running the show last night! Thanks Bob!