Ring Report - october 2015

Oct 2015

President Jonathan May opened our October meeting with introductions, and announced Dealer Days Magic on November 14. Participating dealers are Twin Cities Magic, St. Paul, MN; US Toy Company, Kansas City, MO; and Steven's Magic Emporium, Wichita, KS.

October's theme was “Restaurant Magic” with the focus on the Performance, as opposed to the Business (i.e. how to get the job, what to charge, etc). We created a set-up, similar to what an average restaurant setting would be, and had our current club members who perform Restaurant Magic do their set for our club.

Ben Ulin was first to perform for volunteers Brue Nicholson, Shannon Arbuckle, and Paula Rouzer. Ben amazed Brue with a series of sponge ball routines. He then baffled Shannon with finding her signed card three times in a deck, and then having it rise from her hand. Ben showed Paula how a coin could disappear and reappear within a silk, and finished by producing a glass of water from under the silk. He shared tips on engaging patrons as well as working with the restaurant and staff to make the dining experience enjoyable.

Elias Arbuckle showed a deck of cards that was flipped to show only four kings. He then turned 4 queens into an A, 2, 3, and 4, and then returned them to the four queens. Elias has a great future making money with his magic.

Michael Osman engaged Noen Nicholson in a routine that had sponge bunnies Penn & Teller traveling between his hands. Then Michael blew up a balloon with cell phone numbers on it, and had Scott Sales press some numbers. Scott then gave up his cell phone which ended up inside the balloon.

Brett Parkhill showed Noen some close up rubber band magic, and Robert Sales how to retrieve the Jack of spades from a card deck. Welcome back Brett to Justo Hijo.

Jonathan May shared all his jacket loads for a night's work, and then lead a group discussion on the tricks of the trade. Key points included knowing your audience, establishing rapport, making a good first impression,using names, eye contact, touching and involving others, cooperating with wait staff and food service, knowing when to come and leave. Eugene Burger's book Secrets of a Close-up Magician is loaded with tips on performing.

Ben Ulin capped the evening with some "underground magic" that involved Barb Funke in a coin routine that ended by startling Barb with a mouse. You probably wouldn't want to perform this in a crowded restaurant.

We all enjoyed an educational and entertaining evening. The discussions continued into the night.

Please join us for a night of food, fellowship, and magic if you're ever in the Central Iowa area.

Bruce Anderson