Ring Report - november 2014

"Thankful Magic" was the theme for our November meeting, and we were thankful for a great turnout.

President Bob Burd welcomed members and guests, and introduced Cody Jenison to perform his initiation for the club. Cody called upon Ronan Manus to shuffle cards, and a King of clubs was unveiled from a stack of 16 cards. Cody was welcomed into the brotherhood of magicians. We are thankful that our youth membership is growing.

Bob Burd brought out a pan and proceeded to fill it with colorful silks. When the lid came off, a turkey appeared. Bob expressed his thanks to the club for their fellowship.

Ray Thompson asked Lisa Jenison to take any number of $100 dollar bills from a stack, and Ray wrote down a prediction of how much she would take. Ray then asked Jack Thompson to choose his favorite car, and Ray wrote and folded a second prediction. Finally Skip Manus thought about an object that Ray wrote for the third prediction. Ray handed each volunteer the folded papers, and asked each one to announce their choices. The Mind Wizard correctly revealed that Lisa picked $400, Jack picked a Ford Mustang, and Skip chose an American flag. Amazing mentalism!

Dan Geers was thankful for one of the first tricks he'd bought, the Hot Rod. He showed Ronan how he could manipulate the rod to display only the color red. Then he had Elias Arbuckle choose blue from the six colors, and sure enough, the rod showed only the color blue...so simple, but so powerful.

Barb (Tulip) Funke shared her ventriloquism magic with little Johnny trapped inside a magic vase. She called upon Johnny to hold onto a rope she placed inside the vase. After a little encouragement, Johnny grabbed hold, the rope held the suspended vase, and upon Barb's command, he let go of the rope to free the vase. Fun use of magic with ventriloquism!

Jack Thompson offered Elias a pair of red queens to hold onto, and then magically switched a pair of black aces into Elias's hands in place of the queens. The surprised Elias is a great volunteer. Slick routine, Jack!

Secretary Bruce Anderson gave a short history of the first Thanksgiving with a cornucopia filled with surprises. He shared how the Pilgrims traveled across the Atlantic seeking religious freedom. They landed and started a colony at Plymouth, MA where the Plymouth Rock is found. Elias was then hit with a piece of the rock (sponge). The cornucopia had a pumpkin, squash, berries, and nuts to share. The nut can contained a coiled snake that caught Elias by surprise. Out came a turkey call that summoned a rather flat and sickly chicken. But with a little ketchup....another surprise for poor Elias in the front row, a feast was ready. Bruce ended with a "thank you" for the many freedoms and opportunities we enjoy in this great country.

Miller McCoy had Cody pick a card from a deck, and through a series of shuffles and cuts, revealed Cody's 10 of clubs over and over again. He finally had it fly from the middle of the deck. Nice job, Miller!

Scott (the Barber) Sales offered Elias (by now a professional volunteer) a haircut. After removing the cape and neck paper, Scott wadded the paper, and made it disappear and reappear as a dollar bill for Elias. It pays to sit in the front row sometimes.

Michael (Oz) Osman gave Bruce a deck of cards to hold onto. Then he threw a pack of invisible cards to Brett Parkhill and asked him to open and shuffle them. He then passed the deck to Jonathan May who tossed out all the black cards. Robert Sales picked out the 6 of hearts as Oz counted down six places and replaced the 6 upside-down in the deck. Then Brett discarded all the red cards. Oz then asked Bruce to open the real deck and find the only upside-down card. Sure enough, the reversed 6 of hearts magically appeared.

Michael then shared how Cody's 2 of clubs kept rising from a deck and appearing in his pocket. ISU college student Michael gave thanks to the club for all the support he's received since he was eight years old. Wow, he's grown into an amazing talented magician!

Robert Sales set a pack of Skittles on a table and had Elias name and eliminate 4 of the 5 colored flavors. Elias opened the package to reveal green as the only Skittles left. He was rewarded with the green candy. Sweet!

Monty Rouzer shared his talents by folding a towel into a turkey. Fun talent!

VP Jonathan May gave Cody a copper coin to hold, and was able to switch it out for a borrowed quarter. Amazing transformation! Jonathan then expressed his gratitude for all the magic books and friends he's made as he turned a hobby into making a living.

It truly was a magical evening with all who shared their talents and gave thanks for the fellowship of Justo Hijo. We hope you will join us for a meeting if you're ever in Des Moines.

Our theme for our December meeting will be "Holiday Magic". Bruce Anderson