Ring Report - october 2014

President Bob Burd welcomed members and guests to a night of "Spooky Magic".

Bob presented new member Monte Rouzer with a Justo Hijo of Magic membership certificate. Then he opened the floor for an evening of Magic and Mystery for our October theme.

Robert Sales presented his initiation routine by opening a new deck of cards and having Alan Koslow pick the 7 of spades. He set it aside and then had Alan choose another card. Robert proceeded to fumble through the deck looking for Alan's chosen card. When he couldn't find it in the deck, he offered Alan a package of Oreos. Alan opened the cookies and discovered his chosen card, the 8 of spades inside.

We unanimously voted Robert into the club.

Next up was Bob Burd. A volunteer placed a penny on the intersection of the lines on his hand, and a little hand came out to steal away the penny, We gave Bob a big hand for his little hand.

Bob then brought out a handkerchief, and a mysterious ghost began to move around inside. Bob then borrowed a pair of glasses, and they began to move around also. Spooky Magic indeed!

Jonathan May presented some Bizarre Magick by having Monte, Bob, and Dan Geers choose 3 different cards from a deck representing three traveling salesmen. Jonathan pulled out the four kings (named Karl) who were cannibals. The Kings ate the salesmen one-by-one. Then two salesmen and two Kings appeared together, and the other salesman and two kings were found inside the deck. Spooky!

Jonathan then enlisted the help of Robert Sales for a spooky trick involving an instrument of death...a rope. Jonathan wound a rope around Robert's pinkie finger, and magically pulled the rope through his finger. Real Spooky sleight of finger magick!

Robert then enlisted Bob Burd to use his psychic powers to help sort a deck of cards into red and black piles. Jonathan called out the 7 of diamonds to mix into the black pile....and sure enough the piles were perfectly separated into their respective colors, with the 7D the only one in the black stack. Great routine!

Barb (Tulip) Funke, the spooky ventriloquist, proceeded to pull bones that shouted "Let me out" from a multi-colored bag. The last exit was a skeleton that told corny jokes. How does a witch tell time......on her witch watch. The spark was gone from her husband in their marriage....so she tasered him. Fun spooky ventriloquism!

Jonathan May had Monte Rouzer do all the work by choosing a card from a deck, replacing it, shuffling, and then counting 4 cards down to reveal his chosen card, the Q of diamonds.

We ended the night with our door prize give-away, and closed the meeting with small groups sharing their latest magical effects.

We chose "Magical things for which we are Thankful" for our November theme. Come join us November 10th as we conjure up some Thanksgiving magic. Bruce Anderson