Ring Report - march 2014

March 2014

Ring President Bob Burd welcomed members and guests to our March Madness meeting. We have a bunch of young budding magicians enjoying the magic of Justo Hijo. GREAT! Bob announced the May AbraCORNdabra Convention registration deadline, and encouraged us to get on board ASAP.

Walt Chivers returned to our club, and we demanded another initiation, which he gladly presented. Walt shared a red and green silk routine with volunteers Shannon and Elias Arbuckle. He made the red disappear and reappear within the green silk, showing a poinsettia effect. Then he performed a Paul Diamond copper and silver coin switch to the amazement of young Elias. We welcomed Walt back into the group. He's been enjoying magic for over 40 years.

Our meeting's theme was card magic from an un gimmicked deck. Many of our members have been accused of not playing with a full deck...but it didn't stop them from trying.

VP Jonathan May shared a sampling of classic card trick books, and recommended some of the best encyclopedias of cards through the ages. He chose Amber Fraaken to pick a card from his red-backed deck, and the Q of H was the only blue-backed card in the deck. Aaron VanDeKrol picked the 3H that was the same blue back. They enjoyed the "Red Hot Mama" routine. Then Jonathan showed Elias how to cheat at Blackjack by switching out the 7H for an ace for a perfect Blackjack. Carlos Quintana watched as his 2H on the table turned to a 4H. The moral of the story is, "Don't play cards with Jonathan."

Historian and collector Bill Trotter shared the Jack Hughes "4 Wrongs Don't Make A Right" routine with volunteer Amber Fraaken. Amber chose a 4H, and after Bill incorrectly guessed four wrong choices, he revealed a giant 4H from under the silk and apparatus made by Michael Bailey. Cool!

Michael Osman enlisted a number of volunteers to choose a card from his invisible deck. After eliminating most of the deck, Jesse Geers was surprised to find her 6H revealed. Great patter and creative twists, Michael.

Keith West enlisted Rhonda McCoy to choose a 6C, sign it, and return it to the deck. The 6C flew from the deck like a helicopter. Keith shared his methods with us, and then enlisted Shannon to choose and sign a card. We were impressed to find Shannon's 5H revealed inside a glass box. Amber picked the 10C, and Keith shared his skills in revealing how to manipulate the cards for a perfect ending.

Ben Ulin had Jack Thompson pick a 5D and proceeded to ask three questions about the cards color, suit, and finally the correct pick. Ben also shared how to play catch with a full deck of cards across the room. Ben always brings novelty and fun to magic.

Carlos Quintana chose young Elias to help pick a card. Elias chose a 5C and Carlos deftly revealed his card from the deck. Then he showed how to turn a red queen into a black queen. Welcome Carlos to the world of magic and our club.

Miller McCoy shared a mentalism routine as he enlisted Elias (volunteer for life, or until a younger kid shows up) to choose three overturned cards from the table. We were impressed to find the 7C, 8S, and 3H revealed all as predicted. Miller then had Russ Samson choose a 2D and find it removed from the deck. Miller has found a skill and a the hobby of magic for a lifetime.

Russ Samson enlisted John Lohner to count out any number of cards from a deck and sit on them. Russ went through a cardinal/ordinal process that eventually revealed and hatched the chosen 6H screaming out of the deck. Awesome presentation!

And finally President Bob Burd had Amber place a red 8&9 into his deck, and quickly flushed them out. He also found Amber's 2D from the deck, and finished by finding her 8C on the table correctly revealed. Amber had a great workout at our meeting, and definitely will come back for more.

We ended the evening with our door prize drawing for card tricks (Surprise), and adjourned for some visiting and revealing of more magic into the night.

Please drop in and share some food and magic with us if you're in the area. Bruce Anderson