Ring Report - january 201

A brief break in the frigid winter weather brought out an overflow crowd for our January meeting at Felix & Oscars Restaurant in Des Moines. The meeting was called to order by President, Bob Burd. Mr. Magic, Johnathan May , VP & Liberian, began with a literary review and critique of KIDBIZ by David Ginn.

Our newest candidate for membership, 7 year old Elias Arbuckle, led off the evenings magic with his audition routine. We watched this young prestidigitator skilfully manipulate his cards, cutting the deck then twisting a rubber band around it. Calling for assistance from Jonathon May, Elias asked him to hold the cards with his finger. When the cards were released, a quick twist of the deck and 4 aces, count them 4, were flung from the deck. To thunderous applause Elias was unanimously voted into the club as our youngest Justo Hijo junior member.

Show and Tell followed with Michael "OZ" Osman, a professional magician, albeit a High School Senior. OZ said, “I brought cookies with me,” and produced a bag of delicious Oreo Cookies. He split his Oreo and ate all the good gooey white cream inside. He then put the two ends together and told the audience to watch the cookie as the white goo magically reappeared. Then we watched as it inexplicably doubled in thickness and then tripled. Neat!

OZ continued to dazzle us with some mental magic. He had someone “think” of a card at random, any card. He then opened a sealed envelope and produced a deck of cards. Spreading the cards we found that one card was face down while all the others were face up. That card was, you guessed it, the card the spectator had previously chosen. Very slick routine!

"The Great Carsoni", Carson Jenro another of our junior members entertained us with some card magic. He spread the deck and asked Walt Chivers to pick out a card, remember it and place it back into the deck. Carson made several cuts to lose the card deep into the deck. Then with half the cards face up and half face down he shuffled the deck. The deck was totally missed up. He spread the deck and instantly all the cards had magically turned face up except for one card. The card! WOW, that’s Amazing!

Bob Burd, the “Magical Entertainer” took us on a trip to the Orient where Houdini was said to have toured. On his departure they hosted a farewell dinner in his honor. Bob Burd produced a wooden chest which was a replica of one that astonished Houdini. He took a wine glass wrapped a chain around the stem and running the chain through a hole in the door, secured the chain with a padlock and closed the door. Russ Samson verified that the chain was indeed fastened to the goblet and was satisfied that it could not be removed. Asking Caron to assist him by reciting a few magical incantations, Bob lifted the lock and slowly pulled the chain completely through the hole in the door. The cabinet was opened and the goblet was still intact. Now that’s Magic!

Our first order of business was to elect our club officers for 2014. After an enthusiastic discussion and some vigorous campaigning the club elected the following slate of officers for 2014: Bob Burd, President; Jonathan May, VP & Treasurer, and Bruce Anderson, Secretary. Ben Ulin volunteered to be our Webmaster.

Johnathan May concluded with a request for input regarding our direction for 2014 and beyond. An enthusiastic discussion ensued. Much fun, fellowship and magic discussion followed. Submitted by acting secretary Bob Burd