Ring Report - february 2014

President Bob Burd opened a packed room meeting by introductions of five new guests...FAN-tastic!

VP/Treasurer/Librarian/Chief Cook & Bottle Washer Jonathan May gave an inspirational sermon on books, meeting topics, and magical happenings.

Next Bob introduced Dan Geers for his Magical Initiation Performance. Dan showed us the ropes with a rope to knot, to untied knot, to two knots, to figure 8 knots, to no knots. Then his 5 year-old daughter Jesse assisted him with a cats-in-cradle around and through the arm maneuver. Dan finished with the Toro flux ring- on-and-off-the chain routine that got him voted as the newest member in The Justo Hijo Magic Club.

The meeting's theme was "Ring Magic". Ray Thompson shared a double ring with ropes ceremony (nothing to do with marriage or honeymoons) in which he tied two knots, one around each ring. Ray was a retired Boy Scout Leader and Army Master Sergeant. He invented ropes. Then Miller McCoy volunteered to hold a ring in one hand and try to lie to Ray. Ray predicted the correct hand and won his ring and dollar back.

Secretary Bruce Anderson showed Jesse Geers a silk fountain with a surprise inside...a giant diamond ring. Jesse was tickled as Bruce proposed to her asking if she'd be his Valentine....she said, "Yes!"

Secy. Bruce proposal

Hey, it was ring magic night. It doesn't get more magical than that.

George Noble had Dan Geers mix up 5 styrofoam cups with one having a nail underneath. Then The Daring George proceeded to smash his hand down on 4 of the 5 cups, and correctly (luckily) picked the right cup to save his hand for another show.

Bill Trotter shared the Ring of Knight's Templar routine from his incredible collection. Bill handed John Lohner a wooden box that rattled with a finger ring inside. The ring disappeared and reappeared on a veiled sword of Merlin. Bill's mastery of magical treasures always amazes our club members.

Keith West announced some shows and magical happenings around Central Iowa. Then he performed the Ring-on-a-string routine with the ring on Jesse's finger jumping to Keith's string. Jesse held tightly to the ends of the string and was surprised how the ring jumped on and off the string.

Austin Strickel showed how to manipulate Linda Dietz's ring off his string.

Michael Osman shared how a ring could jump from finger to other fingers on his hand....definitely quicker than the eye.

Jonathan May shared Tarbell's Ring-on-a-string though a knot routine He was able to take the ring off the string and not untie the knot. So he used his scissors. Whatta cut-up. Then he put the ring back on the string, tied the bottom knot, and restored the string to the original one knot beginning. Then he shared a ring on a magic wand routine.

Next, we drew tickets for door prizes. One can qualify for prizes by coming to the meeting, eating dinner, and performing for the group. Five lucky winners received magical effects from magician's donations.

Magician Ben Ulin concluded our evening of Ring Magic by sharing with us his mastery of the Linking Rings. His lecture included the puzzle of the rings by first manipulating eight 5 inch rings, showing one, than two, than three, six, and eight intertwining rings. Next Ben shared his own evolution of ring routines by showing us the ins and outs of five rings. Ben explained how the Jack Miller method displayed lots of energy with juggling twists. Ben finished with his incredible two-ring routine in which his goal is to engage the audience with the wonder of the rings.

We adjourned the meeting, but the evening kept on going with a lot of sharing of tricks, purchase of sale items, and further discussions of secrets and manipulations that only magicians can truly appreciate.

We invite you to visit our club if you're in Central Iowa the second Monday of every month. It's always a lot of food, folks, and fun! Bruce Anderson