Ring Report - october 2013

Card Magic was the theme for our September Justo Hijo Magic Meeting. President Bob Burd led off with introductions of our guests, and VP/Librarian Jonathan May presented his monthly review of magic books and magazines of interest. Jonathan also offered some of his personal collection for sale.

Bob Burd started the card magic with a clumsy shuffle of a connected deck. He then introduced our newest club member Lance Nicolai, who enlisted Erin and Emerson Hollar to assist him by signing cards selected from a deck. They each held the selected cards, and were surprised when unveiling that the signatures were switched on the cards they were holding.

Michael Osman had Emerson choose a card from his deck, and proceeded to show how the card would jump to the top many times, and then magically end up in Michael's pocket. Cool!

New to town guest Brett Stiles shared with volunteer Carson Jenro how an 8 of hearts could flip from the middle of his deck. Welcome Brett...we hope to see more of your magic.

Keith West enlisted Jennifer to choose a card, sign it, and return it to the deck. Jennifer was astounded to find her A of clubs the only blue card in a red deck, then the only red card in a blue deck. Then the ace was flipped from the middle. Keith then had her follow a "Do-as-I-do" routine that ended with her folded card changing from front to back within Keith's folded card. Befuddled Jennifer was impressed with Keith's magical talents.

Aaron VanDeKrol showed us his new routine of appearing/disappearing CD's. Aaron deftly maneuvered the CD's to change colors, sizes, and then turn to confetti in the end. Great work Aaron!

Carson Jenro had Emerson pick a 9 of clubs from his deck, replace it, and see it flipped into a 5-6-7-8-9 club straight in the card deck. Cool magic!

Alan Koslow shared how bubble wrap can add to a straight jacket routine with the appearance that bones were popping instead.

Bruce Anderson had three volunteers select cards and replace them in a deck. Then each of the three cards magically arose from the "Rising Card Deck".

Master Magician Ben Ulin concluded our evening by convincing us that cards have special numbers that match our personalities. Jeff Hollar chose an imaginary 8 of clubs out of the air, Jennifer a jack of spades, and Brett chose the number 30. Then Ben asked Jeff and Jennifer to choose a numbered position for their cards in the deck. Jeff picked #20 and Jennifer #50. Ben then produced a deck of cards that were numbered from 1-52 on the backs, picked out numbers 20, 30, and 50 respectively, and turned them over to reveal the volunteers' exact cards, numbers, and positions within the deck. Absolutely AMAZING!!!

We ended with a drawing for participation door prizes, and left the meeting very fulfilled with the mysteries and magic of a deck of cards.