Ring Report - november 2013

The Vanisher

The official newsletter of IBM Ring #167

Justo Hijo of Magic. Inc.

President Bob Burd welcomed and introduced visitors and guests to lead off our November meeting.

Vice President Jonathan May ("I Love Books!") shared some Veteran's Day trivia with us listing many magicians who served in our Armed Forces.....including Scott Alexander, Denny Hany, David Ginn, Bev Bergeron, Cardini, Don Alan, Eddie Fechter, and Denny Lee. Jonathan also shared a book by David Maskelyne, The War Magician, and how magicians were hired by the British to deceive the Nazis. They created diversions and illusions like making the Suez Canal disappear, turning tanks into trucks, creating a ghost battleship, and creating armies and cities out of shadows.

Jonathan then introduced special guest Shaun Rivera, the Regional VP for SAM out of Kansas City.

Shaun shared a number of routines, including Casino Inspector by Bob Farmer and Mr. Sweet Tooth Candy Caper. Young Elias Arbuckle was picked to help Shaun match the Great Magicians of SAM. And of course Shaun highlighted the benefits of SAM membership and its wonderful magazine MUM.

Barb Funke lead off on our patriotic theme for Veteran's Day with a story of courage, purity, and justice with the red, white, and blue ropes knotted and then united into one rope. Barb finished with an American flag production.

Bob Burd also shared the ropes with one nation indivisible as his message. Bob then showed a red silk representing the blood shed for freedom, the white for purity and rights guaranteed, and the blue for truth, loyalty, and trust in one nation under God. They all came together in the American flag.

Elias Arbuckle enlisted Lance Nicolai to use the Magic of the Mind to pick a card from three stacks. After rearranging the columns two more times, Elias was able to reveal Lance's pick, the King of Hearts.

Matt Gregory chose a card from a deck, and Shaun Rivera folded it in half twice, tore the Queen of diamonds into four pieces, and then restored the card back together.

Keith West had Elias pick and sign a card, then pushed the Sharpie through a hole in the card to the amazement of Elias and the audience.

Secretary Bruce Anderson closed the magic with an American flag production as the audience sang "America the Beautiful" to the accompaniment of Bruce's kazoo.

Come visit our club if you're in the Des Moines area. It's great food, folks, and fun.

Bruce Anderson